Our Philosophy: Alarm Systems

Still vital to every home and business

  • Email or push notifications of events are essential
  • Wired is always best, but wireless is still very good
  • All doors and windows must be protected with contacts
  • Best if each sensor is wired independently as its own zone
  • Motion detectors are a critical component of the system
  • Smoke detectors and sprinklers should always be integrated
  • Garage doors should be included, but not always alarmed
  • Monitoring is great for insurance, not for catching bad guys

Alarm systems add tremendous value

  • Deters crime, and sirens scare off would-be invaders
  • Notifies you of intrusion, power outage, fire, or flood
  • Know who comes and goes when you're away
  • Discounted insurance for the property
  • Wired alarm systems increase the home's appraised value
  • Reminds you when doors or windows are left open at night
  • Faster emergency response arrival time 
  • Automation system integration can trigger smart events

Did you know?

Alarm systems don't always require monthly fees!

Door-to-door alarm vendors use a business model that's not in your best interest;  installing bare-bones equipment and charging several times as much over a 3-5 year contract.

We offer products that provide all of the benefits of remote access and notifications, but without the monthly monitoring fees or contracts.  By paying a fair, upfront price, you receive a comprehensive system using quality products.  Oh, yeah, and expert installation by Amp AV.

Check out one of our preferred "self-monitoring" products.

Our Philosophy: Video Surveillance

Your property deserves professional-grade CCTV

  • New construction should always be pre-wired for cameras
  • Avoid wireless if running new wire is a possibility
  • Cheap retail kits don't save money as they require more labor
  • IP cameras are superior to analog in almost every way
  • Select a recording unit that leaves room to expand
  • Storage capacity should support at least 500 GB per camera
  • You should never have to pay monthly for remote access

Peace of mind has never been so affordable

  • CCTV  is less expensive and higher definition than ever before
  • Modern network cameras utilize cost-effective UTP cable versus older analog systems
  • Every camera system supplied and installed by Amp AV includes FREE remote access via mobile app
  • Multiple product levels and feature options allow for systems to be tailored to each application and budget