The Industry's Best Warranty

We want the products that we provide to work, same as you.  It just makes all our lives easier when we use reliable equipment and when we do the work the right way from the start.  That's what what Amp AV is all about.  It plays a huge part in our customers' decision to use us again in the future.  We stand behind the work we do and the products that we provide.  

Amp AV will warranty new products for one year in residential installations, and two years for commercial installations.  Our labor warranty is two years across the board.  Following the Amp AV warranty periods for the equipment, then the manufacturers' warranties, if  valid longer than the respective Amp AV warranty periods, may cover the equipment repair or replacement cost.  Amp AV will cover the cost of labor for the two year period, regardless of the equipment warranty, in cases of failure due to equipment or installation defects.

Exceptions to this guarantee include the following:

  • Equipment that is not provided by Amp AV
  • Equipment that is determined to have been damaged following the delivery or installation at no fault of Amp AV
  • Equipment or system malfunction due to physical or network tampering
  • Systems that are working properly as designed, but experiencing issues due to user error or forgetfulness
  • Consumer product software updates that may cause a loss in device memory or necessary credentials
  • Equipment that is not rated for outdoor use, yet is installed outdoors anyway (unfortunately, sometimes a weather-resistant product doesn't exist for a certain application - in these cases, Amp AV will take precautions to preserve the longevity of the equipment as much as possible) - Product repairs or replacements within the manufacturer's warranty period will be at the discretion of the manufacturer - Amp AV will guarantee the products, with the exception of video displays (televisions, monitors, projectors) for a period of one year, unless otherwise specified in the system installation proposal
  • Consumer grade televisions that are installed in a commercial setting will carry a one-year warranty for both equipment and labor (the manufacturer may chose to void the equipment warranty for TV's installed in a commercial environment that are not rated as such)

Any other exceptions to this guarantee shall be in writing on each project's respective design or proposal documentation.  Such variances may be listed under the specific product's line item description, under the Scope of Work, or under Terms.